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Thai cuisine is popular the world over. Thai dishes have gained global recognition at an unprecedented rate and for good reason – Thai food is simply delicious and can be broadly categorized under two types: royal Thai and the common fare. The royal cuisine is served garnished with exquisitely carved fruits and vegetables while the common fare is what the Thais eat everyday.

Thai food is hot, salty, sweet, and sour. It can be basically divided into four groups according to the region of origin -- central, northern, north eastern (Isan) and southern. The standard fare includes nam phrik (dips) and soups served with boiled rice, som tam (green papaya salad), gai yang (barbecued chicken) and laap (salads of meat and fresh herbs). Street food is widely appreciated with fermented sour pork sausages being the favourite.

Whether you are in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, or Koh Samui, you will find plenty of dining options to suit all tastes, palettes and

Dining and entertainment are synonymous with Bangkok. The city is dotted with hundreds of restaurants and eateries and pubs. The Thai pubs and bars also serve delectable food. For the best restaurants in Bangkok, you can head to four distinct regions: Phra Nakorn, Thonburi, Silom, and Pathumwan. Chinatown is another favourite destination for dining – here you will find the cheapest food stalls and the most expensive Chinese food restaurants in the cities, both doing brisk business.

There are several restaurants in Koh Samui to suit all tastes and palates. From traditional Thai to pizza and burgers to seafood, there is no shortage of choices for food or restaurants on the island. From restaurants offering a fine dining experience to beachfront hang outs, there are plenty of options to keep everyone satisfied.

If you love food, Phuket is the destination for you. The island has restaurants serving an extensive selection of Asian and western food. The variety of cuisine and dining experiences are something that is an added attraction for the visitors on the island. From roadside eateries to noodle stalls to world-class restaurants serving international and Thai cuisine, Phuket offers every kind of dining experience for all tastes and budgets.

When it comes to dining, Krabi does not disappoint either. From simple dining eateries to sophisticated restaurants boasting fine ambience and a menu to tempt any palate, a gourmet dining experience awaits you in Krabi.

Hua Hin also boasts a range of restaurants serving Indian, Western, Thai and Japanese food. If you are looking for a relaxing drink once the sun sets, there are plenty of bars and pubs, some of which also have live music. There are many top-notch restaurants serving international meals and light cuisine. Some of them may be a bit expensive but are definitely worth the expense as you get to sample from an enormous variety of Thai, Western and Asian food.Eating in Thailand

When it comes to food, Thailand ranks as one of the best destinations in the world. The choice of restaurants and menus is bewildering. In fact, it's hard to find a bad meal in Thailand. Whether you enjoy experimenting with exotic local cuisine or indulging your plate with fine dining experience, Thailand is nothing short of a culinary dream.

Local food is fresh and tasty in Thailand. You can eat quite safely in street side restaurants as the food is generally prepared fresh and the surroundings are clean. National dishes like Pad Thai and the famous Thai red and green curries are a good place to start. Although bear in mind that Thai people like their food spicy and ask for a toned down version if your stomach isn't used to hot food. Every town and city has a good range of local eateries, which makes Thailand a great place to taste new dishes and flavours.

More sophisticated Thai and Thai fusion cuisine is served in most hotel restaurants and resort destinations like Phuket and Koh Samui also have a good selection of up-market eateries that generally serve both Thai and western dishes. Royal Thai cuisine is quite distinctive from the local variety and certainly worth seeking out just for the spectacular presentations. Top restaurants for high-end Thai and Asian cuisine dining include Cabbages and Condoms in Bangkok, Riverside in Chiang Mai, Mantra in Pattaya , The Landmark on Phuket and Betelnut on Koh Samui.

For global cuisine, Thailand has an equally impressive range of options spread throughout the country. Long standing links with Italy mean you can savour some the best pizza and pasta outside Europe. Maria on Silom in Bangkok is a perennial favourite, while La Casa in Chiang Mai also has a good reputation. French cuisine is also readily available both in hotel restaurants and independent bistros. L'Etage on Sukhumvit Soi 39 is very highly rated, as is Voyage One in Kamala on Phuket. For Indian cuisine, Haveli at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bangkok serves exquisite dishes from the sub-continent, while Ahaar in Pattaya also has an extensive and tempting menu. Meawhile, lovers of Japanese food can head for Kabuki at Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Koku in Patong, Phuket or Hagi at the Centara Grand Hotel on Koh Samui. The list of options is as endless as the choice of dishes and ambience.

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