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Had Than Sadet, Had Thong Reng & Than Sadet National Park

Just South of the Tong Nai Pan Bays, the much more isolated, small double bays of Had Sadet and Had Thong Reng are intersected by a river flowing from the island's most famous waterfall, Than Sadet. The sand is white, the sea is deep and crystal clear, while the dense surrounding jungle combines to create a picture perfect setting. There's little to do but kick back and unwind. The beach is accessible by dirt-road, or boat.

The amazing landscape surrounding the river and waterfall, and the fact that it has been a favorite visiting place of Thai Kings, mean this stretch of coast has protected status.

Recommended Spot:

Mai Pen Rai Bungalows: lovely little wooden bungalows, creative layout and bohemian feel. Very reasonable prices