Stay in a 1 bedroom Pattaya Villa

Given that Pattaya is a resort town with several beaches to its credit, you will find a whole range of properties that are located 'just five minutes' from the beach or 'right on the beach'. This famous beach resort town also offers a range of accommodation options to suit all tastes and group sizes.

Pattaya is a famous wedding and honeymoon destination but it also attracts families and other holidaymakers. Whether you are traveling single or as a couple, you could consider staying in a one bedroom Pattaya villa. These holiday rentals combine the services and amenities of a hotel with the privacy, space and comfort that only a home can provide.

Take the case of a one bedroom Pattaya villa. Unlike a hotel, where you would just get a room to yourself, the villa will give you much more space. So apart from the bedroom, you will also have a living area, dining area, and a fully-fitted kitchen where you can prepare your own meals.

A one bedroom villa in Pattaya can be a standalone unit or part of a resort. If the property is part of a resort, you can also benefit from additional facilities such as gym, fitness centres, swimming pool, restaurants and shops. These resorts also have round-the-clock security and also offer concierge services.

Even a standalone one bedroom Pattaya villa is well equipped with all modern amenities and entertainment facilities such as satellite TV, DVD/CD player, videos, books and more. Most of the properties have free wi-fi to help you remain connected with the world.

If a beach holiday is high on your agenda, you can book a beachfront one bedroom Pattaya villa. You can wake up to the sounds of the waves hitting the shore and spend the day lounging away in a hammock; for more active pursuits, you can hit the waters, go for a swim or try out a range of water activities.

In all probability, your one bedroom Pattaya villa will have an open plan living area with an intelligent use of space. The living areas will have glass doors that can be opened to let in the cool breezes or closed to enjoy the air-conditioned comfort. You will be able to take in the stunning views of the Gulf of Thailand from the veranda, garden, terrace, or bedroom.

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can stay in a self-catering one bedroom Pattaya villa or hire one which is serviced by highly trained professional staff. Most villas include housekeeping or maid services and so you don't have to spend time doing the routine work. You can prepare your own meal in the self-catering kitchen, or for a small fee, hire the services of a cook who is trained in preparing Thai and western meals. You can have your meals in the dining area indoors, or enjoy a candlelit dinner, in the veranda or the terrace.

A stay in a one bedroom Pattaya villa also puts you close to the locals. Instead of an impersonal stay in a hotel and an onlooker's experience, you can actually live like locals amidst the locals and experience firsthand their culture, traditions, and not to forget, their warm hospitality.

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