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Silom, or Si Lom, is a road in Bang Rak district, Bangkok, Thailand originally constructed in 1851 as part of a dyke and irrigation system. Now it is much more, as one of Bangkok's' most cosmopolitan streets, a major shopping destination, and an entertainment district; with both red light district, Patpong and Thanon Thaniya (Little Tokyo) having entrances from Silom Road: a great and lively lace to stay, and we'll help you find the best Silom villas.

Si Lom MRT subway system stops at the intersection between Si Lom Road and Rama IV Road. It connects with the Sala Daeng station of the Bangkok Skytrain, the line of which is also titled Si Lom. It's worth relying on this handy form of public transport since traffic in the area is extremely congested. The underground train system also runs through the area.

Silom is one of Thailand's most important financial centres, the Wall Street of Bangkok, with many banks and financial headquarters in the area. A number of higher quality international restaurants have sprung up in the area to accommodate the wealth and tastes entering Silom for around the word. You'll find most on Soi 4.

At night, Patpong takes over, lined with go-go bars and pushy doormen – a whole world in its own. Patpong is perhaps the world's most famous red light district and has been feature in a James Bond movie and “The Beach.”

Shopping is within easy reach. Large scale inner city malls are all the rage now and are springing up almost side by side, selling clothing, electronics, authentic goods and rip offs: a wild and lawless shopping experience. The massive Central Mall has worthy intentions of becoming a public (yet still commercial) square for Bangkok dwellers.

Silom villas and Silom Apartments

Silom villas are inner city and close the amenities and entertainments of the area. Check the transport link to those listed for ease of access. Villas in Silom are a privilege as the area is becoming increasingly a centre of a major Asian metropolis. There are a number of serviced apartments and luxury condominiums in Silom