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Sankhampaeng is along a 13km road out of the city to the north of Chiang mai and is reputed due to its vast array of factories and showrooms selling craft goods of all descriptions.

Sankampaeng is the most popular area for tourists to do their souvenir shopping as well as interior decorators or individuals seeking furniture and articrafts for their villa.

There are an enormous variety of craft goods on offer wth each factory usually specialising in one craft. Most of times, it is possible to see the artisans and craftsmen at work and understand the manufacture process. Some silk factories for example show the whole process from the rearing of silkworms to the fine finishing of the final product. Similarly, in some jewellery shops, you can attend demonstrations of gem cutting, setting and polishing.

Factories in Sankampaeng specialise in silk, cotton, jewellery, silver, ceramics, lacquerware, leather, woodwork, furniture, reproduction of all kinds and a few genuine antiques shops.