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Sairee Beach Holiday Villas and Travel Guide

Since the late 1940s when the first pioneers to Koh Tao settled on Haad Sairee, the long stretch of palm fringed beach along the west coast has developed into the most popular area on the island. A mere 20 minute stroll from the island's entry port of Mae Haad, visitors to Sairee are spoilt for choice with the plethora of activities available in this area.

A street the locals call ‘The Yellow Brick Road' runs parallel to the ocean, a few metros inland from the beachfront venues and serves as the main artery for the area. Lined with bars, eateries, internet cafes, travel agents, the island's most well equipped clinic, convenience stores and ATMs, travellers can rest assured they won't have to miss out on comforts while vacationing on one of the most charming island paradises in Asia.

At 1.7 kilometres, Haad Sairee is the longest beach on Koh Tao, boasting powdery white sand expanses dotted with granite boulders. During higher tides, the blue tinted, clear water and shallow reef make for perfect snorkeling conditions, with corals and fish in a riot of colour. A handful of fully certified dive centres are on hand to provide courses at all levels for those wishing to swim with reef sharks and sea turtles. Join a local professional underwater filming class to capture your underwater journey with an HD camera.

Restaurants and bars front the beach, offering delectable cuisine, refreshing drinks, and the most stunning vistas of the sun setting into the Gulf of Thailand every evening. For a more informal meal on the sand, tasty snacks and juicy fruits can be purchased from beach hawkers.

If you are travelling with children, there's a paintball field and a Flying Trapeze Adventure to keep the younger members of the family entertained. With Muay Thai gyms, therapeutic massages and yoga classes on top of all the water activities imaginable, there is something for everyone on Haad Sairee.

Haad Sairee Villas Koh Tao

All the villas in Haad Sairee look out onto spectacular seascapes, whether directly from the warm water's edge or from their perch nestled in the mountain ridges. The island idyll is complemented with modern facilities in the island's private residences, ensuring you return to your everyday life from your holidays relaxed and inspired, without having missed a skip.

Whether you stay in to soak up the serenity from the luxury of your holiday home, or venture out to Sairee Beach in search of fun for the family, Koh Tao is the ideal destination for your next villa holiday.