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Bangkok Riverside

The highest priced and most sought after Bangkok villas hug the banks of the legendary Chao Phraya River.
Chao Phraya River, with its connected canals on the Thon Buri side, is the most pleasant scenic setting of the city and its link to the past as the “Venice of the East.” When the capital of Thailand was moved to Bangkok in 1782 the capital was covered with canals, so Bangkok was named the “VENICE OF THE EAST” by European visitors.

Traces of this Early Rattanakosin period of 1782 in architecture and ways of life have been left near the river more than in the inland areas because it was here that Bangkok settlers first based themselves. Waterways were the most important means of transportation and trading.

The Chao Phraya River as well as the canals is still charming for those desiring a peaceful atmosphere in the middle of lively Bangkok. In the English-language media in Thailand the name is often translated as River of Kings.

The Chao Phraya River begins at the Ping and Nan River at Nakhon Sawan in the Nakhon Sawan province and flows from north to south for 372 km from the central plains to Bangkok and the Gulf of Thailand. The Chao Phraya in Bangkok is a major transportation artery for a network of ferries and water taxis, also known as longtails. A notable canal market is the floating market in Taling Chan district which gives a sense of old world Bangkok.

Bangkok Riverside Villas and Luxury Condominiums

Such is the demand for residencies at riverside Bangkok that a number of high rises are incorporating apartments to satisfy the many river-viewers as possible, emulating the experience at Bangkok Hilton Riverside but with more independence. There is still a fair selection of Bangkok riverside villas for a personal and luxurious experience of the river.