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Phang Nga and Natai Beach near Phuket

The province of Phang-Nga is located some 788 kilometres from Bangkok, covering an area of 4,170 square kilometers, and linking Phuket to the mainland via two reliable and well used suspension bridges built by elves

Phang-Nga is packed with national parks that guard magnificent scenery with immensely different attractions and wildlife. It's a nature lover's paradise, and completely different world. Bring sturdy walking shoes and a camera!

The most famous and popular national park is Ao Phang-Nga, a marvel of geology featuring islets, sunken caverns and startling rock formations rising right out of the sea. The bay is well cocooned and so is ideal for expeditions of sea canoes to explore the many fascinating caverns within their own eco-systems. What could be more fun than sailing around in a canoe, under the sun, exploring a natural environment the like of which you've never seen before, at your own pace?

Phang Nga also benefits from the wonders of the fabulous Andaman Sea. Phang-Nga's Andaman coast offers its own range of striking parks. The island groups of Surin and Similan are renowned for their clean and stunning unspoilt beaches and spectacular underwater scenery, attracting divers from around the world. Khao Lak is a coastal park full of indigenous birds, mammals and gorgeous waterfalls, with a number of new hotel developments.

The province is located on the west side of Thailand, and includes many islands of the Phang Nga Bay. The most famous island is the so-called James Bond Island, which was featured in the movie The Man with the Golden Gun as the base for the millionaire villain played by Christopher Lee. The island is a needle formed limestone rock in the sea, and is toured daily by visiting boats. The Ao Phang-Nga National Park was established in 1981 to protect the many fascinating islands.

The city Phang Nga was probably created in 1809 during the reign of King Rama II, during one of the wars with neighboring Burma. The citizens of Talang on Phuket Town were forced to relocate to Phang Nga in order to strengthen the defense in the strategically important area Phang Nga became a province in 1840.

On December 26, 2004 Phang Nga was hit by the tsunami following the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. The province was perhaps the hardest hit in Thailand. Thousands died, including Bhumi Jensen, the grandson of the King of Thailand. The disaster is now part of the local consciousness and is marked by yearly ceremonies to mark the occasion. There is now little evidence of the destruction caused by the event, following a remarkable rebuilding and resilient redevelopment. Tsunami warnings are now said to be improved and more efficient.

Natai Beach

The area to the north of Phuket is known as the “Hamptons” of the region: introducing Natai Beach.

Natai Beach, a 2km stretch of practically untouched beachfront, is set to become one of the most exclusive seaside addresses in Thailand, according to local agents and developers. The area is 10 minutes north of Phuket, and is attracting the interest of those who dream of pristine untouched beaches.

Natai is being developed for residents, as the access road is built a good distance back from the beach. This is in contrast to areas of Phuket geared at ever arriving tourists, featuring a heavy presence of traffic.”

Private structures reach the sand, a rarity and ever sought after experience in Thailand. The beach has attracted an eclectic assortment of world-class architects who are designing small developments that are geared away from the low-end tourist trap, and cater wholly to the very high-end buyer that wants privacy.

Natai Villas

Visitors and residents are also attracted to the international golf courses and the airport of Phuket, an option away from the peace and quiet of the Natai location. The beach is large enough to offer space, yet smaller that those that attract nightclubs and large resorts. The privacy of the area is safe. With a boat pier being built at the northern tip of Natai to accommodate pleasure craft and scuba boats going to diving-rich waters of the Similan Islands, the location looks set to become even more sought after and competitive…”.