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Lamai beach, Koh Samui

Lamai Beach is the second tourist spot on the island in terms of residents and number of hotels rooms. The long beach stretches for nearly 3km and you can find an array of eating and drinking venues as well as numerous souvenir, clothing and coffee shop outlets. It's a pleasant mix of old school bohemian beach town with a vibrant upbeat tourist area.

The best book shops are here, too, three in total, with cut price secondhand books and the latest best sellers, left behind by holiday makers who impulse bought at the airport and finished reading during their stay.

Lamai is as self contained as Chaweng Beach when it comes to attractions and night life; the difference is probably in the fact that the visitors are younger and with a more laid back attitude. Lamai has its own Thai boxing, a couple of popular clubs like Fusion and Buddy Beer.

The water of the bay is well protected by an offshore coral reef and it benefits from crystal clear water thank to the south-north stream. The northern side of Lamai beach is studded with graceful granite boulders, which are often enjoyed as fishing perches by local fishermen. Like on the rest of the island, the beach stretch is lined by a wide range of accommodation and dining options.

Popular attractions nearby are the phallic rocks Hin Tin and Hin Yai and Wat Khunaram, which houses the mummified monk. The Koh Samui waterfalls and their elephant ride are not far either.

Lamai villas for rent

Plenty of options here, close to the beach or further in land. Keep checking for regular updates. We think it will be a holiday you'll enjoy. The accommodation in general ranges from beach bungalows to high end hotels but the best places to stay, of course, are the private Lamai villas.

Lamai is a 30 minutes shuttle ride from the international Koh Samui airport at around 150 Baht, and benefits from the proximity of livelier Chaweng for a more committed night out, and all the cliff front restaurants and hang outs on the way. In the opposite direction, you'll find smaller, traditional towns and locations full of surprises and delights.