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Panacea estate

Recently delivered in 2010, the 4 or 5 suites' private residences are each equipped with all of the modern day amenities and state-of-the-art electronic equipment. Each residence is groomed and operated by its own team of Chefs, hosts and entertainment and fitness specialists to constantly and consistently impress you.

No other villa complex on the island includes such a wide coverage of pools relative to the residential areas (6 pools with a total area of 2'000 m2 or 21'500 sqf). The enclave is secured 24/7 by a team of professional guards and enjoys the most sophisticated security system with an extensive network of high-res cameras.

Our aim is to provide you with a unique active lavish retreat, within an environment of indulgence. Your experience at Panacea will be an opportunity to surpass your expectations, acquire new skills, and explore new horizons, leaving you with a fulfilling lasting impression.

With striking architectural features merging local touches and natural materials, you will experience true opulence spread out in front of you. The unobstructed sea view and the private garden and pool are an invitation to discover the tempting world of complete comfort and to indulge in a variety of unexpected and unforgettable experiences. Here is your chance to escape with your friends or family and be pampered like never before.

A Panacea stay is about engaging with the environment in exuberance and style. Whether for a stay, a meeting, a wedding or any other event, the tempo at Panacea vibrates at your own mood and pace. Our People excel at organising your most memorable celebrations.

The world-class luxurious spa is an ideal place to unwind after an active day. Designed to reflect the natural elements that surround it, this revolutionary spa offers a holistic immersion oasis, within a path that blends the spa experience with the rich nature around it, and focuses on an open-air, refreshing experience.

Guests are treated to an hour-long massage along with a manicure and pedicure during their stay. Guests staying the Praana residence also have access to a sauna and steam room, and can enjoy a four-hands massage during their retreat.

Every villa is equipped with an elegant, state-of-the-art kitchen, run by a Private Chef specializing in a variety of world cuisines. Using the freshest ingredients and local flavors, our Chefs offers invigorating and delectable delights across various menus which have been designed in close collaboration with leading nutritionists, to cater for all dietary needs.

You will also enjoy an impressive choice of pre and post work-out sports drinks, including protein or nutrition shakes, detox and power juices, as well as many smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables and a selection of the healthiest ingredients from around the world, including flax or pumpkin seeds, Quinoa, Acai, and Acerola.

Throughout the day, cold fruit skewers are served by the pool, along with a selection of our Signature Coconuts from the neighboring plantations, as well as healthy cookies and cakes made from beneficial ingredients such as cranberries or Goji berries. Guests are also able to learn the delicious secrets of local cuisine through the Thai cooking classes we graciously offer.

By redefining the current ultra luxury hospitality offering, through bringing a truly exclusive level of service to its plush residences and adding key differentiating aspects to the value proposal, Panacea is initiating and developing a refreshingly new hospitality experience.

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