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Loei Holiday Rentals Guide

Loei, one of the coldest places in Thailand is rich in pristine natural beauty. Lofty hills and mountains, cool climes, scintillating waterfalls, impressive parks and reserves are just some of the attractions that ensure Loei's place in the eco-tourism map.

A place which is such a treasure trove on nature is best explored in peace and tranquillity and attractive vacation villas in Loei provide the perfect way out. Stay away from the madding crowds in your own space and at your own leisure. Vacation villas are the perfect alternate to a hotel stay. They prove to be much cheaper especially if you are travelling with your family or in groups. Besides, these vacation villas have well furnished kitchens and living rooms and are ideal for entertaining or spending quality time together. The vacation villas in Loei are your home away from home.

Attractions in Loei

Phra That Satcha

The temple was constructed an year after the collapse of Phra That Phanom in Nakorn Phanom, which was the most revered Buddhist sanctuary in the North eastern region. The temple symbolically carries on the spirit of Phra That Phanom. Literally translated, the meaning of the name of the temple is truthful pledge, or a pledge to keep alive the spirit of Buddhism in the region. On the 15th day of the waxing moon in the February, a grand celebration is held when the temple opens its door for worshippers to gild the Buddha's Footprints inside the Phra That.

Loei Provincial Cultural Centre

Located within the Ratchaphat Lori Institute, this Cultural Centre has an audio-visual room with slides that provide an insight into the local life. There is another section that hosts temporary exhibits on the statues of the Buddha made of wood, sand stone, terra cotta and silver, the masks worn during the Phi Ta Khon festival and other old utensils collected from Loei villagers.

Kuan Pha Lom National Park

The park is famous for its rugged piercing limestone rocks surrounding the evergreen forest. You can climb the cliffs or trek in the forests and discover numerous fortresses. You can also explore three caves, Tham Lom, Tham Luang and Tham Phabong.

Chateau de Loei Winery and Vineyard

The climate in Loei is quite similar to that of the South of France, so it is perfect for a vineyard and winery. Chateau de Loei is one of the most popular brands in this region. Visit the vineyard, browse through the souvenir shop, taste the wines, sample grapes, and try some great fruit juice.

Dining in Loei

The most distinctive characteristic of Loei cuisine is chaeo, or curry paste. You'll come across many varieties of chaeo. The common ingredients in the curry paste are spices and pickled fish; the vegetarians can replace fish with vegetables. While in Loei, you simply must try the local treat called 'Au Lam.' Lam is a way to cook rice in bamboo tubes. Rice, blended with meats, herbs and spices is stuffed in the bamboo tubes, and then grilled until perfectly cooked. Sticky rice is usually paired with Au Lam.

Spas in Loei

The Phu Pha Nam Resort

You can pamper your body and mind to a number of relaxing therapies in this spas. Treatments and facilities include beauty massage, steam room, and wellness and beauty treatments.


Kumlung-Ake Golf Course

Located on the Loei-Chiang Khan Road, this brilliant 9 holes par 36 golf course was designed by the Royal Thai Army. The course has some challenging and interesting holes.