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Isaan, in north eastern Thailand enjoys the distinction of being the nerve centre of an age-old civilisation that dates back to pre-historic times. The rich history of the region finds reflection in the relics and monuments that stand testimony to the majesty of a by-gone era. However there is more to Isaan than its rich historical legacy; the colourful fairs and festivals of the region, such as the Candle Procession and the Wax Castle Festival are an added attraction. If you are in Isaan, you simply have to buy the world famous Matmee silk, wickerware, and earthenware to remind you of your visit to this memorable place.

Vacation rentals in Isaan

Isaan is a wonderful destination for those who wish to go off the beaten track and explore the region's attraction away from the madding crowds. And there is no better way to do it than stay in a vacation rental, your home away from home. Away from the tourist crowds, these homes allow you to be part of the local life and experience first hand the culture, traditions and life style of the natives. Vacation rentals in Isaan range from studios, cottages, apartments to condos and luxury apartments. Whether you are travelling single or in groups you can find a vacation home to suit your taste and budget.

Sightseeing in Isaan

Entertainment and nightlife in Isaan

Isaan is a good deal quieter than other parts of Thailand and is popular with tourists who wish to be away from the usual clutter. However, Ubon does have a few nightlife spots, which are usually crowded during the weekends. Popular spots include the U-Bar and the Big Market near the river, which serves great street food. Given its diverse history, it's no surprise to see the influence various cuisines in the Isaan food. You will also find a number of French, Laos, and Vietnamese eateries in the heart of town.

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