Chiang Mai Villas with Private Pool

Chiang Mai is the cultural capital of Thailand. Despite being a popular tourist destination, it retains its small-town, intimate flavour with numerous historical temples and attractions within walking distances of each other. Just half an hour drive away from Chiang Mai, the verdant countryside offers endless opportunities for exploring nature and visiting fascinating ethnic hill-tribe villages.

If you are planning a holiday to Chiang Mai, you can make the best of your holiday by staying in Chiang Mai villas with their own private pool. More and more discerning holidaymakers are now staying in private rentals as opposed to hotels because a stay in a rental offers a more personalized experience.

Here are some reasons why you should stay in Chiang Mai villas with private pools.


Add up the cost of all the rooms you would have to book for your family and you will find that Chiang Mai villas are more affordable and offer more value for money. Besides, these villas have their own self-catering kitchens where you can prepare your own meals and dine whenever you wish. On the other hand, dining in restaurants every day of your stay will not only cause a dent in your pocket but will also be hard on your stomach. Besides, you can dine indoors in the dining room of your Chiang Mai villa or enjoy a romantic dinner by the pool.

More value for money

Holiday homes are a perfect getaway from the routine and during your vacation, you can get away from it all including the madding tourist crowds. You can relax in private luxurious Chiang Mai villas cooling off in a pool or gazing at spectacular views beyond. In contrast to other accommodations, Chiang Mai villas offer the intimate environs of a home with the vacation spirit complimented by exclusive amenities including private pools and scenic tranquillity.

Being at your disposal, the property is meant for your exclusive use. If you are staying in a hotel, you will have to share the pool with strangers – stay in Chiang Mai villas with private pools and you will have the pool to yourself. The pools are dotted with sun loungers and deck chairs and so you can soak up the sun or just relax, enjoy a nap or take in the views.

Personalized experiences

Chiang Mai pool villas are normally set within their own landscaped tropical garden. They are beautifully furnished and offer all modern conveniences so you can be assured of a perfect holiday getaway. Most of these Chiang Mai villas have open plan living layout with glass doors that overlook the pool. You can close the doors for air-conditioned comfort or open them to let in the cool tropical breezes.

These rentals also have fully fitted western kitchens and are ideal for self-catering. However, some are even serviced by professional chefs who are well versed in preparing Thai and western food. As said above, you can dine in the indoor dining area and if you are staying in Chiang Mai villas with a pool, you can also enjoy romantic poolside dining under the start lit sky.

At a holiday villa, you can enjoy the serenity of the spectacular surroundings without the distractions of a busy hotel where people are always moving in and out. Besides you can access a host of services such as spa treatments – there is nothing more relaxing than an indulgent spa massage in the thatched bale set near the poolside of your very own Chiang Mai villa.

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